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There is nothing better than not having to worry about your hair. The best part about recent trends is they are in favor of natural texture and not overly perfect strands. A hair vacation will not only free up your time for fun things in the morning and better things to do at night, it will give your hair a break. Click the notes for more. –– Kelly Rowe

Step: Get a haircut now. Its about to be May, which means whatever haircut you get should last through the summer. Don’t worry about keeping your hair in the perfect shape, summer weather won’t even allow it, so get a cut that will look great as it grows.

Step: Buy an arsenal of products that will give you the ability to let your hair air-dry. Hair vacation means no invasive styling. If you don’t think your hair can air dry nicely, think again. Everyone’s hair can dry beautifully with a little bit of a styling lesson. I recommend asking your hairdresser; taking a few minutes to learn how to style your hair when it’s wet will save you hours of styling at home.

Step: If you color your hair get a color service that will extend the time between now and your next appointment. If you normally go lighter get a highlight. Highlights diffuse the line of demarcation allowing you to almost double the time in between appointments. If you normally go to the salon for color every six weeks you could potentially push you appointment to 12 weeks out.


By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted.

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