Taylor Swift looks adorable! By sweeping her hair back into a simple ponytail and adorning with a perfectly placed polka dot headband, she has created a classic summer style. The full, deep-set bangs add definition to the features, while the few indiscriminate wispy bits provide the face-frame, and the shabby chic appeal of bohemia.

Step: Towel-dry hair to damp. Use a comb to create a deep-set bang section and mist this fringe with set & style spray.

Step: Using a comb, blowdry bangs side-to-side first, and then straight down. This is the best way to create smooth, polished bangs.

Step: Mist rest of hair with set & style spray and blowdry loosely with hands.

Step: While allowing a few wispy pieces to fall out, sweep the rest of hair back into a simple ponytail and secure with elastic.

Step: For summer, place a colorful, floral or patterned headband over the top of the style. Place the top at the bridge of the bangs, and the bottom behind ears, so it is angled forward, covering the hairline for a gorgeous, on-trend, retro look.

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