In more ways than one, Taylor Swift killed it at this past weekend’s American Music Awards. Kelly Osbourne may have walked away with the mostusual hair accessory crown but, as well as scooping up four AMA’s voted for by her adoring public, Taylor also took home the sexiest hairstyle of the night. Eschewing her two signature looks –– sleek strands and hair braids –– in favor of the kind of flouncy, voluminous, tousled texture that says, ‘hey, I just had a roll in the hay,’ the Swift one’s ‘do oozes sex appeal. Want to learn how to turn your fine and thin locks into a look that’s bouncing but behaving? To learn our tricks, click style notes.


Step 1: The key to creating volume is to use the right products and techniques to create root lift. Begin by towel-drying hair to damp and then cocktail generous helpings of volume foam and styling whip in palms. Now work through hair from roots to ends.

Step 2: Blow-dry hair using a boar bristle round brush. Start with the brush on the roots and brush hair up and away from the scalp, with the dryer following the same root to tip path of the brush. Repeat in sections all over till hair is dry. The roundness of the brush will naturally encourage a curvaceous shape, while the bristles will engender smoothness.
Step 3: Mist hair with protective thickening lotion and use a curling iron or wand to add a few flips and kicks, some bounce and flounce.
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