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Having curly hair is like being in a top secret club: no one understands your hair woes unless they too have curly hair. Yes, our straight-haired friends may try, but they’ll never fully grasp the struggle of waking up with what looks like some type of animal sitting on top of their head. If you do have curly hair you’re either wincing in pain or smiling right now, because you know exactly what we’re talking about. Care to read some more curly hair woes? Click through to styles notes to see ten things only curly hair girls will ever understand. –– Michelle Rotbart


1. Your hair will never look the same way twice. Yes, it was perfect this morning as you were primping in the mirror, but as soon as you step outside it gets disheveled and frizzy.

2. Rainy days just do not work for you.

3. Girls with straight hair always tell you how lucky you are to have curls and how they want your texture. You smile and then give them the death stare.

4. When you’re washing your hair, several bobby pins fall out and you’re suddenly confused because you didn’t put any in that day.

5. Some mornings you look like a model in a hair ad and other mornings, more like the lion king.

6. When you straighten your hair, people freak out and are shocked by how long it actually is, and then proceed to tell you how much better it looks straight. You smile and then give them the death stare.

7. You run after a curly-haired strangers on the street to ask what type of products they are using.

8. The only committed relationship you’re in is with your hairdresser. Once you find someone that works, you’re bound for life.

9. The underside of your hair, the part that no one ever sees, is perfect with bouncy and springy curls.

10. You’ll never know what it’s like to straighten your hair in less than two hours. When you decide to be nice and compliment a friend’s straight and shiny strands, she says, ‘Whoa, this took five minutes!’ You smile and then give them the death stare.



Special Thanks to Michelle Rotbart for this post. Michelle is a professional trend forecaster for the NYC-based fashion and retail forecaster, Doneger Group

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