Lindsey-Wixson-Dior-Magazine-Fall-2015-Editorial02 copy
Gap-toothed model Lindsey Wixson is one of the hottest properties in fashion right now. No doubt thinking about their own Lipstick Index, Dior commissioned famed photographer Terry Richardson to capture her perfect pout for their Fall magazine. Including luscious locks and some provocative messages written in lipstick, this lighthearted spread is as pretty as it is cheeky. See all images below.
 Lindsey-Wixson-Dior-Magazine-Fall-2015-Editorial04 copy Lindsey-Wixson-Dior-Magazine-Fall-2015-Editorial01 copy Lindsey-Wixson-Dior-Magazine-Fall-2015-Editorial05 copy Lindsey-Wixson-Dior-Magazine-Fall-2015-Editorial03 copy
All Images: Dior Magazine Fall Issue 
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