Once upon a time sleek bobs and flatirons dictated our hair regimes. But thankfully we’ve loosened up, and wave and curl has made its well-anticipated return. In the latest testimony for texture, bountiful coils and tousled locks were seen all over the 2016 MTV European Music Awards red carpet. Anne-Marie and Zara Larson delivered two of the most notable looks, showing how curls can be applied to shorter and longer lengths.  As Europe’s most revered young musicians and bands rocked the red carpet, daring and textured hair was the look of the night. To get an amped-up look of your own, with just the right amount of curl, see steps below. . . 

Short & Curly: Mist hair with protective thickening lotion to shield from heat. Curl whole head with a curling wand; after each curl is made, use a pin curl clip to fix in place. Allow hair to cool or use cool air from your dryer to hasten. Release clips, make a side part, and style in the vintage fashion. Finish with PrIMP for hold and shine. 

Long & Textured: Apply generous helpings of styling whip and curl enhancer from roots to ends. Blast hair with  heat from a dryer at the roots, lifting up hair for volume. Put dryer away and scrunch, twist, wrap hair –– you could even make braids –– loosely with hands as it dries to create a tumbling wave cascade. When close to dry (release braids if you made them) spritz in some wave mist and continue to scrunch and tousle to encourage movement in the hair. Once dry, pulse is a few layers of refinish dry shampoo for an instant texture boost.

Special Thanks to Brittany Weiner for this post. Brittany has passion for great hair, a BA in Journalism, and is a beauty product development specialist. 

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