Freelance stylist, Christophe Lambenne, sent us this marvelous, textured updo. Featuring the disheveled elegance of a modern, lived-in look, we love the way the updo falls forward with timeless beauty and grace. Check the Style Notes for Christophe’s exposition in making this style your own…

Step: First gather hair on top of head. Fix into a tight ponytail.

Step: Now there are two options: you can Back comb the ponytail or just sprinkle Pure Abundance Hair Potion by Aveda directly onto hair to have a gritty, matte texture.

Step: Twist the ponytail until you get a bun coming forward.

Step: Secure the bun with bobby pins at the crown section (three pins it’s enough).

Step: Finish with Pure abundance volumizing Hair spray by Aveda for a extra-firm hold.


Style Notes provided by Christophe Lambenne

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