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Ring the alarm, another Kardashian goes blonde. Kendall Jenner, (perhaps the most credible of the gang) recently posted two sleepy, full-on blonde photos on her feed. A closer analysis reveals that Kendall’s new do is probably a wig. While Kendall does have potential to go lighter, tones other than golden blonde will be more complementary for her skin tone. Thinking about going blonde yourself? Click through to style notes to learn the five top things to consider when lightning your locks. –– Michelle Rotbart


Is blonde in your budget? Being a blonde comes with maintenance requirements. If you’re going full on blondie, be prepared to have upkeep appointments every 4 to 8 weeks, depending on your desired color and existing natural color.

Hair Product Upgrades

Not only will you need to commit to more in-salon appointments, but you’ll need to upgrade your product game. Since going blonde requires higher levels of ammonia or bleaching products, you’ll need the right cleansers, conditioners, and stylers to not only nurture your hair but also maintain your color. Invest in a gentle sulfate free shampoo (gentle shampoo) and a reconstructive treatment mask (whipped treatment).

Find A Great Colorist 

Once you decide to go blonde, look around and see if you see someone with hair you really admire. Don’t be afraid to ask them “who does your color?” Also, ask someone who’s color you DON’T admire who did their hue, so you know where not to go.  Once you’re in the salon, if you see someone pulling out an old-fashioned highlighting cap, I suggest rescheduling at a different salon. Hand painting and foil highlighting are better, modernized techniques.

What Blonde Is Right For You 

There are many different shades of blonde to choose from. Consult with your stylist on which one will complement your features. Bring in photos of blondes that you like and dislike to show your colorist. Discuss with them if they are a realistic color for you.

Makeup Changes

Your hair is the frame to your face. Going blonde will directly  affect your current shade of lipstick and overall makeup. Consult with your favorite makeup artist immediately after your blonde session to get tips and tricks on changing up your color cosmetics to match up with your new do.


Special Thanks to Michelle Rotbart for this post. Michelle is a professional trend forecaster for the NYC-based fashion and retail forecaster, Doneger Group

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