With the disheveled elegance of a model, blogger, and New York style darling, Natalie Off Duty makes the impossibly chic effortlessly cool. Complementing a youthful, beatnik look, her delicious deep-set bangs, and a luscious drop down wave –– where straightness at the crown turns into a wavy texture about halfway down the hair shaft. Cuts like this are easy to wash and wear. Ask your stylist for a mid-length layer cut with full frontal bangs, apply some of your favorite product, allow to air dry, shake, scrunch, tousle and go…

Step:  Towel-dry hair to damp. Mist bangs with set & style spray. using comb, blowdry side to side first, then straight down. This creates a smooth, straight bang.

Step: Apply styling whip, roots to ends. Cup, scrunch, twist and play with hair to encourage natural texture. Repeat every few minutes as hair air dries.

Step: If you lack natural wave and this technique fails to give you enough tousle, simply curl a few strands randomly –– yet artfully –– with a mid-size curling iron.

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