best celeb looks of the week

It’s all smiles and great summer hair among the stylish celebrities this week. Popular trends continue to evolve as celebrities customize for perfect personal style. My favorite looks include Gabrielle’s sleek bun Lively’s cascade of wave, Karlie’s choppy bob, and Gwyneth Paltrow with bend on the ends.  To learn how to emulate these looks, click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart 

Gabrielle Union: The best beauty accessories? Beautiful skin, pearly white smile, great hair. Gabrielle Union has all three. I’m loving the easy way she wore her hair last week –– a great way for all of us to survive the heat.  It works well on dry or wet locks, making it great for those mornings where you didn’t wake up early enough. For a look like Gabrielle’s, simply pull hair into a tight high bun at your crown. Use round paddle brush and a few drops of shine luxe oil to smooth out your style and control frizz and flyways. Secure the bun with pins and spray with primp.

Blake Lively: Blake purveys the sexy and cool. Her styles says, “I just rolled out of bed and hot damn I still look good.” I love how Blake’s day to day look is low maintenance and super carefree––great for the sultry days of summer. To achieve this look, spray in refinish from roots to ends and use fingers to tousle for volume and salty-air texture. An added bonus for the lazy girls, refinish also cleans hair by absorbing excess oil.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Through the years Gwyneth has been known to change the length and color of her hair, yet it always looks bright and shiny. In the summer months, when your hair is battling the elements, take a cue from Gwyneth and protect your color and blow out. Make sure to use whipped treatment weekly and use protective thickening lotion before heat styling. Use shine luxe oil for additional gloss and shine.

Karlie Kloss: After the crop, Karlie went from girl next door to sex bomb. Her bob is choppy, easy, and chic with just a hint of rock n’ roll. According to her stylist, the bob “will look just as good with jeans as it does with a Tom Ford evening dress,”––making it a perfect go to style. For a look like Karlie’s, use styling whip and shine luxe on damp hair and rough blow dry. You can also use a curling wand to refine a few curls, but finger through for an irreverently voguish style.

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