There are many elements to beautiful hair. But using the appropriate cleanser and conditioner, the best styling products, and the right tools is a great place to start the journey to successful styles. A good blow-dryer should be in every hair care tool kit. Nowadays, however –– especially with technology moving in leaps and bounds –– it can be hard to know what the marketing spiel means. Meanwhile, picking the right tool and using the right settings can make the difference between a day of frizz and a day of enviable polish and shine. Click through to style notes to read a quick guide on the best blow-dryer features. They’ll help you achieve that fresh from the salon look at home. –– Michelle Rotbart  

Ionic Technology – Means the blowdryer negatively charges air molecules to help control frizz and shorten your blow-dry time. Ions make hair shinier, smoother, softer and easier to shape.

Ceramic – Components made of ceramic help maintain and evenly distribute heat. This reliable heat spread stops you burning your hair or your scalp, and makes it easier to manipulate strands into different shapes and styles as you dry.

Speed Settings – Don’t just go for the fastest setting; there’s a difference in what different air flow speeds can do. Learn to customize airflow. Use low settings for styling benefits like volume, hold, and shine. Use high settings for power drying hair most of the way dry when you are in a rush or when you want natural texture.

Cool Button – No hairstyle is truly fixed in place until it is cool to the touch. Every time you style, therefore, set the completed look in place by using the cool air button for long-lasting hold and shine.

Diffuser – An essential add on for curly and wavy haired girls. If you push curls around too much with heat, you only induce frizz. Diffusers retain the heat but reduce the air flow, helping to reduce frizz while encouraging a beautifully full curl formation.


** I like the Arrojo Turbopower 3800 Hairdyer. For professional use, it is designed with all of the above features. But it is also lightweight and easy to handle, making it a mainstay of my vanity table.

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