If scary, spooky, or ghoulish isn’t for you make this Halloween all about an entirely overt sexiness. The most brazen of them all was Bridget Bardot. Never girly, her womanly sensuality even transcends pigtails and ribbons. Can you do the same? Find out in the notes.

Step: Pulse refinish dry shampoo into second day hair to increase texture and volume with a lived-in feeling. Separate a full bang; softly split it in the middle and push both sides back loosely to the ear.

Step: Backcomb the crown for a touch of dramatic height. Gather the hair in the back and separate into two sections. Make pigtails on each side and swing them forwards over the ear. Tie them off with looped red ribbons. Fix in place with fierce firm hold hairspray. 

Step: Wear a few wisps of silk paired with brooding eyes and a come-hither smirk.

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