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This is a chunkier, thicker version of the trendy braided headband. Disheveled, whimsical, the style exudes a fun and youthful vibe for girls about town. Braids are great for summer as they keep hair off the face, but forgo the formality of traditional updos. What makes this example special is the the windblown, rumpled feel created by the looseness and breadth of the braid. For similar beatnik elegance, pull out random pieces till you get a pleasingly carefree aesthetic.

Step: Pulse Refinish dry shampoo into dry hair to create volume and gritty, tacky texture which will aid the stability of any entwine.

Step: Tilt your head to one side and brush hair back, away from the ear that is pointing to the ceiling.

Step: Using comb, draw a line from the top of this ear, across and over to the top of the other ear. Comb the hair that is forward of this line into your face. Brush hair behind the line into a ponytail. Secure pony with a rubber band.

Step: The hair in the front will become the braid. Tilt head sideways as before, and comb the front from one ear to the other, nice and smooth.

Step: Now separate the front into two two-to-three inch wide sections and braid, ear to ear. If you have enough length the braid can continue behind the ear and into a braided, side-ponytail, as above. Keep the braiding loose, not tight.

Step: Use elastic to tie up the braid. Use pins to make sure braid stays tucked behind ear. Undo the ponytail in the back. You can let this hair hang in its regular style, or pin into the shape.

Step: Arbitrarily pull out a few hair strands from the top and side of the braid. Make it romantic and whimsical.

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