I love it when people try a new color that is beyond the realm of natural shades. They make a statement of being bold, original, and confident. Finding the color that works for you can be difficult though. Some may be too vibrant or some may just be a tad to far past your comfort level. Let me introduce you to the color that is going to change everything for you –– midnight. Click the notes for all the details. —Kelly Rowe

Why it’s amazing:

It bends the rules just enough. Midnight is one of those colors that give just enough impact and interest without screaming in your face.

Any skin tone can wear this shade. This is a flexible shade it will give you great contrast on warmer skin tones and will sit complimentary next to cooler skin tones.

It shifts its tone depending what time of day it is. If you are outside on a sunny day you will get the vibrancy of the deep navy but if you are inside at a dark bar it will look mysteriously deep.

How to get it:

Go to a professional. Do not attempt this challenging hue at home it will just end in disaster. This is the delicate mix of blackish brunette and navy. It needs to be applied by a professional who understands the relationship between artificial colors and how they fade.

If you have light hair take practice runs with a wig. This is what I like to call a commitment shade; once you have it you need to live with it for a while. Fair haired ladies will not only be bringing their shade to a near black tone but will be adding a hue of blue that is notoriously hard to get out. Take a practice run of the color with a wig to make sure you are set on it.

When to get it:

Now! Winter is the most perfect time to where the color midnight. Tans have faded so the color stands out. Also the cool shade matches perfectly with the short days and cold temperatures. This hue can be a little too dramatic for the warmer days of spring and summer.

By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted.

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