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Thursday, I’m finally headed on a much-needed vacation, where I’ll have lots of wine and lots of pool time. Wherever you’re headed, sun, beach or pool, when on vacation remember that your great escape should extend to your locks. Holidays in the sun—and more specifically UV rays, humidity, chlorine and other things that can come with it, can seriously damage your strands. If you’re not taking the right steps to care for your hair, you may end up with faded color and dry hair as souvenirs. But don’t fret, I have a great list of things you need to bring with you on your next trip to keep hair healthy and gorgeous on your time off! –– Michelle Rotbart 

Beach Waves

Pack your wave mist to transform your tresses into perfect waves full of body. You can either spray into damp hair and air dry or to re-energize your waves spray into dry hair and style.

Oils For Banishing Frizz

Oils are great for restoring moisture to hair that’s been in chlorine or in the sun. Just a few drops can prevent humidity inducing frizz.

Hair Repair

Hair masks are like a heavier face cream for your locks. Use one a week to make hair smoother and stronger.


These stainless steel combs are artfully designed and literally the size of a credit card. They’re perfect for sprucing up on the go. Need to throw your hair up last moment? Slide on into a your low bun for an eye-catching updo.

A Chic Style

The best summer looks are simple and easy to execute. Frizzy hair looks a little more polished with a cute twist. Spin two pieces of hair from either side of your face and tie them together with elastic. Or create a low pony, section in half and spiral the two pieces together. Secure with a hair tie. And don’t forge to top it all off with a hat or scarf!

Special Thanks to Michelle Rotbart for this post. Michelle is a professional trend forecaster for the NYC-based fashion and retail forecaster, Doneger Group

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