Need a way to put your hair up without succumbing to the same boring style? Our Arrojo stylists have found the perfect solution with this easy braided updo. Half french braid and half fishtail, this unique style will keep you cool all day long. It may look elaborate, but it’s much simpler than it looks, so keep reading for our notes!

Step: Prep hair by applying a quarter size amount of styling cream in damp hair. Blow dry loosely with a paddle brush. Finish and smooth hair with a dime size of Arrojo hair creme.

Step: To begin braid, part a deep side part on deceived side, follow in a circular motion around to nape of the same side.

Step: Create a french braid and fasten with a rubber band. With remaining hair create a fish bone braid and wrap it to the side. Fasten the braid flat to the head with bobby pins in a cool shape!


Thanks to Emily and Lee of Arrojo Studio

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