From fishtail to waterfall to Dutch to milkmaid, there are a slew of different braids one can wear. And with Hollywood lovelies like Carey Mulligan using them in a variety of creative and desirable ways, the braid has never been more popular. (In New York and L.A., the first Braiding Bars are popping up.) To engender your own braid-art masterpiece, try this inventive take on the French braid. By winding into a side-bun, the hair is controlled and off the face, while the style boasts special interest. For this look, we recommend French –– not a regular English braid –– because it is sleeker, appears more elegant and sophisticated.

Step: Pulse Refinish dry shampoo into damp or dry hair to add a nice gritty texture that will aid your braid.

Step: Start a French braid just above your ear. To do, separate three hair strands and entwine the three sections together while bringing them around to the bottom-back-center of your head. The final result should incorporate all hair into a smoothly woven pattern over the scalp.

Step: Coil the braid into a low side bun. Mist with holding spray to support and shine.

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