Kim Kardashian boasts one of the world’s most desirable hairstyles because it is long and shiny and luscious (and it frames a perfect profile). With all the covetousness, it is easy to forget that it is the variety of her hairstyling that gets her lensed so often. She may have an entourage to assist, but she is a great example of using hair as an accessory. The long layers help. They mean she can wave or curl her hair, put it into an updo, or create an interesting entwine. Apart from the pony, notice how in these stand out looks, Kim always wears a side-part with the long side falling forward and the short side tucked back. This is a classic technique for creating face-framing asymmetry, and it’s one of the reasons she always looks so good. For tips on creating Kim’s hairstyles, check the Style Notes… 

Step: For a fishtail braid, create soft tousle with a large barrel curling iron and make the plait on the long side of a side-part. Once done, swing the braid over the shoulder for casual elegance.

Step: For a side part with tumbling waves in the style of old Hollywood glamor, roller set hair overnight. Next day, unwind rollers and brush out the set until it falls into a tumbling wave cascade. Make a side part and pin the short side behind ear.

Step: For a sleek, dramatic pony, slick hair back with hair gel and gather into a ponytail that sits on the occipital bone. To be like Kim, Separate a small strand off of the pony and use it in lieu of an elastic. This is a nice, organic addition to any ponytail.

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