The long bob or ‘lob’ was definitely the cut of 2014. Celebrities left and right were cutting off their long lengths or taking out their extensions and going for this short, fun, and flirty look. So what’s the newest cut IT cut as we move into 2015? Layers, upon layers upon layers, all cut with a razor to give a highly textured and free form look. Click the notes for more.


What to ask for at the salon

Tell your stylists that you want a heavily layered style cut with a razor. The razor removes length and weight at the same time to give it that classic look of softened edges and hair with tons of space and movement.


Who’s it for?

People who want a little more edge and rocker sex appeal are going to love this haircut. Razor cuts look great blown out or natural. They offer great flexibility in styling however they are a strong look and not for those or like more classic styles. Also remember, this style is going to be a lot of different lengths, growing it back to an all one length style is going to take a good amount of time.


How to wear it

Never wear this cut too perfect.  It’s cut to look great a bit messy.  It’s one of those looks that’s perfectly imperfect. Do not have every hair in place or run the risk of looking like an early 2000’s pop star.


When to get it

Now! Get this cut now and learn to work with it. There will be so many short layers you need to learn to work with them before the humidity of summer rolls around.

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