poolside pony

A ponytail may be your go to when you feel like your hair is getting a bit out of control and or you are heating up too much. While this may be a great quick fix way to get hair out of your face, it also doesn’t look quite as nice as a pre-planned look. Instead of using a pony as a get out of jail card, look great from start to finish with a super sleek poolside pony. Click the notes for details. –– Kelly Rowe

Step: Prep damp hair with shine luxe oil, roots to ends. Blow dry hair super sleek with a large paddle brush. Wrap dry your strands so your hair hugs your head, making it easy to pull up into a ponytail.

Step: To get it to look ultra chic it needs to be high on your head. Flip head upside down and brush with a round paddle brush. Secure in the ponytail upside down.

Step: While you can just wrap a section of your pony around the elastic to get this look, making it look wider will make it look cooler. Slide a simple scrunchie over the elastic, secure to the base of the pony with bobby pins. Now wrap a section of your hair around it to hide it.

Step: Finish everything with primp for hold and shine.


By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted.

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