At Style Noted, we invite hairdressers to submit their own inspirational work so we can all share ideas for great new styles. Our latest submission is from Mark Heavener, owner of Salon Heavener, Laguna Hills, California. This short, razor shag uses inventive, triangular cutting patters that create disconnections, heavy layers, space and freedom for hair to swing and move. It shows that a well-executed, trendy and textured, loose and natural cut can also be age appropriate, and create youthfulness.

Step: Towel-dry hair to damp. Cocktail volume foam and hair creme for volume and body with softness and luster.

Step: Apply products roots to ends. Use mid-size boar bristle round brush to blowdry. Blowdry from roots to ends with the heat of the dryer following the path of the brush.

Step: Finish with Refinish dry shampoo. Spray into hair, brush out, and tousle the shape to increase texture and volume.


Style Notes by Mark Heavener, Salon Heavener, Laguna Hills, California 

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