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For the last few years updo trends have been all about simplicity: ponytails, low buns, topknots. Minimalism has its place, but it’s been the rage for so long that I feel like we’ve all but forgotten more complex styles. I’me not suggesting a return to the piled loops and cutesy tendrils of the nineties, but I do think it’s time to bring back a little intricacy. And its easy to do, all you need is three ponytails. ––  Laura Martin

Step 1: Pick a Texture. For a sleek style, prep hair with a smooth blowout and a mist of shine spray. For curls, diffuse dry or wrap hair around a 1” iron. You could also try crimps, or waves.

Step 2: Place your ponytails. For a mohawk shape, line up three vertical ponytails, for a low vintage look, try three ponytails along the base of the neck. To create complex, woven looks, place ponytails in a triangle.

Step 3: Choose your tension. Tight ponytails will give a sleek end result, leaving slack at the roots creates a romantic feeling.

Step 4: Style the tails. Tease, braid, wrap into buns, and attach with bobby pins. You’ll be surprised how many variations you can create with the same base.

Special thanks to Laura Martin for this post. Laura is a professional hair stylist, former senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, and a creative non-fiction MFA student at Georgia College, Milledgeville, GA. Follow her inspirations on twitter  @LarMarStyle   

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