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When you visit the salon there are two expectations you mainly have for your stylist: one being that they listen to what you want and two that it looks good when it’s done. You may not think about a few other variables, but there are definitely some seriously important things to consider. Click the notes for the 3 problems to you may be having. –– Kelly Rowe

The Problem: Who is doing all the work?

Most salons come with assistants and if it weren’t for them most salons would fall apart.  The problem that can arise is when assistants are doing too much of the service. This tends to happen with color often. The colorist makes the formula and the assistant does all the work of application. This may leave you feeling shortchanged and you have every right too since you are paying the price for someone who is not training.


The Solution

Sometimes these things are unavoidable. The salon may have overbooked the stylist or they may have had a difficult client that’s put them behind schedule. To avoid getting caught in the wash, try to make an appointment in a non-peak time. If it continues to happen ask to speak to manager and describe how you feel and if that doesn’t help it is time to find a new salon.


The Problem: Spending a lot of time at the shampoo bowl.

You may feel like sometimes you run into the salon get your color done and run out. Other times you are at the shampoo bowl while your hair continues to process for an ungodly amount of time. What is going on? Well, actually, there is a bit of a problem the color isn’t right and the colorist needs to come up with a solution to tweak the shade to where you want it. Scary right?


The Solution

Wait it out and don’t panic. This is actually no big deal and happens quite frequently. Color is not an exact science and the results are sometimes not exact. Lots of things can cause this to happen, if it’s hot in the salon, if you waited more time before your last appointment, lots of things. Don’t freak out and only get concerned or switch salons if it happens more than 1/3 of the time.


The Problem: Your hair never looks as good at home as it does in the salon.

After your haircut they blowout your strands into beautiful bouncy volume and after your first shower at home you are left with a disaster which makes you wonder if your eyes were fooling you at the salon. They weren’t, and this is where a good consultation comes into play. Your hair needs to be cut for how you style it, not how a salon can.


The Solution

During your consultation be completely honest about your styling habits. If you never style your hair you need a cut that works with natural texture. Cuts should be tailored to lifestyle not how beautifully they can be styled.


By Kelly Rowe. A Graduate of ARROJO Cosmetology School, Kelly is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributor to Style Noted.  

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