It’s officially bob season, babes! Here in the Big Apple, it’s never not bob season but now the ol’ B-O-B is catching on like wildfire. Jessica Chastain, famously known for her long, luscious ginger locks, just chopped it all off to a layered chin length bob. 

Before –> After. Photo Credit: Instagram: @jessicachastain; @renatocampora

Mila Kunis and Selena Gomez also recently made the transition to bobs, so we’re officially deeming 2018, the summer of the bob.

Looking to make the chop? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.


Thin & Straight Hair? Opt for a One Length Bob W/ Front Bangs.


If your hair is straight & fine, it can begin to look stringy and dull the longer it grows. Going for a one length bob with front fringe can bring thing hair to life, creating a new fun shape that works well with straight hair with little fuss. 


Looking for Layers & Texture? Ask for a Razor Bob.


If you’ve never had a razor cut before, your world is about to be rocked. Scissor cutting is like architecture, while razor cutting is like sculpture. Sculpting allows for more shape and creative design work, which ultimately leads to more texture and movement in the hair. 


Curly Hair? Release Your Inner Curly Goddess With a Curly Bob.

When curls are long, they tend to droop. Giving them a fresh chop will give them their bounce back. In turn, releasing your inner curly goddess. 


One you go BOB, you never go back! Call 212-242-7786 to book an appointment at any of our 3 NYC salon locations today. 


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