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Now that we’re out of the humidity of the summer months we can kiss frizz goodbye, at least until next July. But the autumn months bring a new slew of woes. You maybe prepared for the dry and drab but have you thought about your color? Your summer hue may not be right for the colder months of the year. Just as your wardrobe changes with season, so should your hair.  Have you thought about updating your do? Click through to style notes to find out what you should be considering. –– Michelle Rotbart
Talk To Your Colorist About What Works For You
Consult with your stylist and take into consideration your skin tone and eye color. Hair color acts as a base for the rest of your look and can highlight over overpower other features.
Warmth Vs Depth
There’s a difference between adding warmth or depth (darkness) to your hair. Some people make the mistake of requesting depth when they really want warmth. When speaking to your colorist, make sure to bring in photos of your desired look. If you want warmth, use words like rich, soft, golden or sun kissed to describe the type of warmth you’d like. If you want depth, low lights, root shades or have your colorist bring down the overall brightness.
Don’t Be Afraid To Break Rules
No one says that you absolutely have go darker for the autumn months. But it is nice to play with the tone of your hair. If you have lighter hair you can add some soft painted in low lights but make sure to keep it dimensional. Just because it’s dark out doesn’t mean you need to be. Brunettes and redheads would also look great with caramel or gold hair painting.
Go For a Gloss
Glosses are a commitment free way to make a change for winter. You can update the tone or warm it up and it keep’s you hair shiny. It’ll even make your eyes pop.


Special Thanks to Michelle Rotbart for this post. Michelle is a professional trend forecaster for the NYC-based fashion and retail forecaster, Doneger Group
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