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At least twice a week, New York Fashion Week brings the best beauty experts from around the globe to New York City. And this season, I got to sneak backstage to ask some of the pros some very important hair questions. Luckily for all of us, many of our everyday beauty woes have some very simple solutions. So if you’re in need of some volume or want some no-heat waves while you sleep, click through to style notes for tips, tricks, and hacks on real girl beauty. –Michelle Rotbart 

Bedhead Waves Without A Wand

The newest beach waves this season are less ropy than previously. To get modern model-off-duty hair, grab your smoothing iron. Bend the hair as it naturally goes and clip it with your iron. Make S shapes as you work through the hair, leaving the ends straight. More a more undone look, rake through waves and spray with wave mist.


No Heat Waves While You Sleep

For wonderful waves overnight, spray hair with a mixture of shine spray and wave mist. Then coil length into one long spiral and twist it over itself, making sure to tuck the ends under. Hold the style in place with a hair tie. Go to sleep. In the morning, when knots are completely dry, unravel for no-heat waves.


Voluminous Straight Hair

Even if you are blow-drying your hair straight, you still want a look that moves and has body. When blowing hair out, make sure to use a round brush to get some lift at the root. When you begin to blow-dry, place the brush at your roots underneath the section you’re drying. Work the hair up and around in a C-shape motion. Make sure to let each section cool while twisted around the brush for extra volume.

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