This is how to wear a decorative headband forward of the crown yet behind the ears with the perfect texture to accent this look. Sultry soft waves complement the placement of the headband, creating a casual but elegant ‘do. Blonde highlighting is a feminine classic and, with hair dancing around the face, there is a stunning frame for sparkling eyes.

Step: Apply Styling Creme to damp-towel-dried hair.

Step: This look is super easy to style. Simply perform a loose Blowdry –– use fingers to push hair around as it dries.

Step: When close to dry, rake into the general shape. Create a loose off-center parting as seen in the picture.

Step: When hair is dry, use Refinish Dry Shampoo to instantly add more texture and volume. Tousle the shape, create separation, loosen a few bits and pieces. If there is not enough motion, use a curling iron to add cascades.

Step: Accessorize with your favorite headband. Focus the finish on loose, elegant tailoring.

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