Pulling hair away from the face is a brave and beautiful thing to do because it exposes all of you –– no place to hide! This version, part up, part down, is a sleek and sophisticated way to vary hairstyle. A fairly high updo like this is more of a nighttime look –– it gives lots of lift and drama, and emphasizes cheekbones, for elegance refined.

Step: Using hair gel, slick back the top and sides of damp, towel-dried hair.
Step: Use hands or a brush to gather this hair into the desired position for the bun.
Step: Create a bun. Now pull hair through a band or cord, and hook and wrap the cord around the base, nice and tight. When you run out of cord simply hook the cord into the base to complete the bun fun.
Step: Unhook the base and release as much hair as wanted or dared. Re-hook the cord to the base.
Step: On the draping, unhooked section, apply some defrizz serum and blowdry for smoothness and shine.
Step: Finish by spritzing holding spray into the slicked top and bun. This helps to hold the updo in place, and defeats flyaways.
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