hairYou’ve been there before. You set an early AM alarm so you have plenty of time to get ready, but you sleep through it. We can’t blame you, we like our beauty sleep too. And once you’re up, even if you pull out every on-the-go makeup tip you know, you’re still left wondering how to make your sleepy stands look descent without washing them. Lucky for you, not cleansing your hair every day has it’s benefits and bedhead is in. We have a number of last minute tips to help you fake a great hair day, whether you have five minutes or twenty seconds. Click through to style notes to get the know how. –– Michelle Rotbart




Change Your Part

An easy way to hide greasy locks and add volume is to use a comb to create a ‘90s inspired sexy swoosh, aka part your hair on the opposite side.


Employ Your Dry Shampoo

Don’t just start spraying at your roots. Hold your dry shampoo about six inches away from your roots and spray strategically. If you know in advanced you’ll have a crazy AM, the night before twist hair into a bun and pulse in dry shampoo before going to bed. That way in the morning you’ll make up with voluminous, oil-free hair.


Cleanse Only Part Of Your Hair

If you’re at the point that dry shampoo won’t help, section off your hair around your part and then clip everything else out of the way. Wet and cleanse the hair around your part and rinse. Blow dry quickly and hair will look good as new.


Buns and Braids Are Your Friends

Pick a bun or a braid to style your hair into. They’ll mask messy and oily strands, and hold up better with grittier hair anyways.


Use Oil Or Dry Conditioner On Your Ends

You may not have oily roots by second or third day hair, but your ends could start to look like straw. For instant smoothing, pulse in refresh dry conditioner or spray in healing oil before styling. Just keep pulses away from your roots.


Distract Distract Distract

When in doubt, throw your hair back into a buns and apply a bold color to our lip.




Special Thanks to Michelle Rotbart for this post. Michelle is a professional trend forecaster for the NYC-based fashion and retail forecaster, Doneger Group


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