2nd day hair

Nowadays, we all know the importance of not shampooing your locks everyday. Over-cleansing is not the panacea for great hair. However, we also understand that you can’t just roll out of bed with perfectly tousled waves on day four post wash—maybe you can if you’re Gisele Bundchen, but us everyday girls need something more. So while you wait for Tom Brady to ditch his VS Angel for a date with you, learn a a few excellent solutions to transforming your hair from limp and unwashed to glamorous, without having to start from scratch. Click through to stye notes for your guide to no-wash hair. –– Michelle Rotbart

Soak Up Oils, Increase Volume and Add Some Tousle

If hair is oily or you need to add some volume to the roots try using a dry shampoo, like refinish, it will help cut grease and clean hair without water to absorb excess oil. You can also try turning your head upside and blasting it with a blowdryer and then finishing with a primp before flipping your head back up.


Revive Curls

Curls can go flat after you sleep on them all night. Wake up your locks by spraying in wave mist to help reactivate your curl and encourage body and texture. It’s filled with sea salt and sea kelp extract is and will give you the beach wave you desire.


Replenish Moisture

Very curly and coarse hair can look a bit lackluster after a few days without conditioner. Revive moisture and shine by spraying in healing oil into length and ends, avoiding the roots.


Embrace It

Blow outs typically look better after they settle a bit, hello less flyways. And second, or even fourth day hair has much more grip and texture, which will help you get those awesome holiday updos. Live a little, dirty hair is not the end of the world, use it to your advantage.


Special Thanks to Michelle Rotbart for this post. Michelle is a professional trend forecaster for the NYC-based fashion and retail forecaster, Doneger Group

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