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By: Bria Maynard

5,4,3,2,1, blast off: Glam Queen, Rihanna has taken us to outer space with her newest “Galaxy Collection.” Riri decided to release her otherworldly collection on the spookiest day of the year Friday the 13th. And they say solar eclipses only happen every 25 years…

Eyeliner, Lipstick, and Eyeshadow, Ohhhhh my!  This collection is filled with all shades of pigmented colors and glitter. Featuring tinted lipsticks with names such as “SCI-FLY, Gravity, & Supernova,  2-in-1 glitter release eyeliner, and Cosmic Gloss lip gloss. Rihanna has officially brought the solar system to us- watch out Elon Musk.

Rihanna talked about the inspiration behind the collection with Vogue. “The first woman I saw put on makeup on her face was a black woman-my mom. When I think of my customers I want everyone to feel like they can find their color, that they are represented as part of this new generation.”

Ms.Fenty is living up to her word by proving that she’s here for every girl of every shade.  Whether you’re going for causal glam or full-blown unicorn martian, this is the collection for all of your wild, wild wild-est beauty dreams.

Check out the Collection Below. All photos courtesy of @fentybeauty Instagram:

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