Fashion blogger Heather Epstein, AKA fashionistaNYgirl, gave us a treat this week. Her loose top-knot, blunt bangs, and wisps of free-wheeling strands create an archetypal summer look for the girl about town. Keeping hair off the face keeps you cool and adds an illusion of lift for cheekbones and chin; the flowing tendrils frame the face and maintain a beatnik summer spirit. Pair with a fancy red lip and you can be an It Girl too. For tips on recreating this fashion-forward look, click style notes.

Step: For your own version of this style, towel-dry hair to damp and separate bang section from rest of style. Roots to ends, apply hair creme to remaining hair for smoothness and soft shine and blowdry with hands for an easy natural texture.

Step: Gather hair and lift up to crown, and then twist into a loose knot. Be sure to leave a few strands out here and there to create an artfully undone effect. Once bun is secured with elastic, mist with primp for hold, humidity defense, and shine.

Step: Go back to the bangs. Mist with set and style spray and blowdry side to side with a comb. When close to dry, switch to blowdrying straight down. (This two-step technique is a great way to get smooth, bubble-free, bangs.)

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