For anyone with long length who wants sexy summer beachy hair, look no further than this seventies-inspired, on-trend ‘do. With homage to the iconic hairstyle of Farrah Fawcett this look features kick and flip and fun in the front, which shapes a beautiful frame for the face. Modernity comes from the color. Spotlighting the tousled change in texture, a soft caramel ombre  –– painted onto the mid-lengths and ends –– adds depth and dimension to the rich chocolate brown single process.

Step: Liberally apply styling creme and styling whip roots to ends of damp hair.

Step: Blast three-quarters dry on high heat while tossing, scrunching, twisting hair with hands to encourage natural texture.

Step: Center-part hair. Use paddle brush to blowdry hair straight either side of the part, creating a straight drop that will turn into tousled texture, as seen in the image of Jenna; above.

Step: Mist front and side sections with thermal protector. Using a mid-size curling iron, section by section, curl hair over and outwards, creating outward kicks of movement in a lovely, flowing style.

Step: Apply holding spray to finished look to support and shine.

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