This image of fashion blogger Keiko Lynn shows us the bohemian beauty of the humble headscarf. This is a great look for summer as it protects hair from UV rays, is super simple to do, and has that effortless and carefree summer vibe. Ready to give it a go? Get tips in the notes.


Step: Prep dry hair with refinish dry shampoo. It’s great for adding texture and grip, which will help to hold the scarf in place.

Step: Twist your hair into a messy bun at the crown and secure with bobby pins.

Step: Fold a long, narrow scarf into a three-inch-wide strip and place the middle against the nape of your neck.

Step: Pull the ends of the scarf up and cross them twice at the center of your forehead, just behind the hairline.

Step: Bring the ends back to the nape—so the fabric is partially overlapping—and knot together.

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