On Style Noted, we like to show commercial, wearable hairstyle trends, but we also want to highlight what’s going on on the vanguard. After-all, eventually, outlandish, cutting-edge styles will be paired down for everyday wear, like how Katy Perry’s blue hair sparked a wave of colorful locks, but mostly softer and more subtle than her graphic hue. And today we found Vogue Italia laying the foundations for the return of the Glam Rock aesthetic. Visually, Glam Rock is a bricolage of styles, from Old Hollywood glamor to the 1950s pinups to the austerity of the Victorian era to science fiction to mysticism and mythology. With all those influences, typically, the look is outrageous. Nevertheless, a sense of sexual ambiguity, theatrical androgyny, and showmanship is more important than simply being shocking. If you want to get on board with the Glam Rock trend, focus on the feeling, not the far-fetched. To see the fabulous full spread from Vogue Italia, click style notes.





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