Cover Girls

After years of straightness, wavy hair –– more wild than subdued –– is emerging as the new vanguard. Everybody got to know beach waves in 2012, yet that was only the prologue. Expect texture to be a staple in 2013. Drivers: At Fall Fashion Week, Bottega Veneta showed super size curls, while Emilio Pucci’s hairstyles were inspired by bohemian texture. More Drivers: Magazines centered on fashion, art, culture, and music are all featuring cover girls wearing tousled tresses. Even More Drivers: For its easy sex appeal, leading ladies have embraced the tousled look. Beyond Hollywood, style icons like Tina Tuner –– a Goddess of texture –– and Karlie Kloss are pushing waves into the mainstream. If you have texture this is a blessing. If hair is straight, there are many ways to get on trend. For tips, click style notes.

Cover girl waves are easy to achieve with the right products, tools and techniques…

Step: After washing hair, prep with Hydro Mist for added moisture and hydration, which will help hair stay motion-full.

Step: Work volume foam and curl enhancer generously into hair. Blowdry using fingers. Cup and scrunch hair in an upward motion as you dry

Step: If you need extra oomph use a curling iron or wand on a few pieces around the crown.

Step: Flip hair upside down and work through with fingers to loosen up the look. Spray in ReFinish for instant lift, bulk, and the lived-in texture that everybody loves.

Step: If anyone asks, yawn and say, “Whoa, I just rolled out of bed!”

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