Dry Shampoo

We’re still waiting for Prince Charming to rescue us from the tower, but at least we can count on dry shampoo. It rescues us from that most wicked of crones –– the time-consuming beauty regime. Battling the 6:00am conference call, power lunches, and late night Pilates is leaving us tired and grouchy, not pretty and witty. Further, the latest beauty buzz is that daily use of detergent shampoo strips hair of too much sebum, the natural oil that keeps hair shiny and supple. Luckily, innovators in hair care made dry shampoo a noteworthy go to ––  a water-free way to freshen hair, soak up excess oils, and remove buildup. Either in aerosol, dust-on, or shake-on form, the starch or silica based formulas bequeath longer life to hairstyles and less trips to the shower. Dry shampoo is not only an oil-absorbing weapon, but an amazing styling aid, creating texture and volume –– perfect for the tousled and undone beauty looks currently trending on this blog and beyond. For the dos and don’ts of dry shampoo, click style notes.

Do: Shake can vigorously –– the ingredients need to be bounced around –– and be at least 8-10 inches away from root when you spray. This technique evenly distributes product without buildup.

Don’t: Leave it in. Dry shampoo needs to be brushed out. As you brush out, the dirt and buildup will be removed, leaving you with cleanliness, texture and volume.

Do: Layer into hair creatively. Lift hair up and get into the underneath, sides and back.

Don’t: Put onto sopping wet hair. It’s called dry shampoo for a reason.

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