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Volume on top with sleek sides is a flattering look that elongates the face and draws attention up to the eyes. We often credit the mohawk for creating this type of proportional balance, but Lucille Ball was wearing the look long before the punk movement adopted it as their signature haircut. And after being in and out of fashion over the past decades, contemporary “mohawk” shapes now have more in common with the coifed looks of the fifties than the rebellious styles of the seventies. High, curly shapes with sleek sides are back, and whatever we call  them, they invoke both rock inspired rebellion and classic femininity. Click the style notes for tips on creating the shape. –– Laura Martin

Step: Prep clean damp hair with set and style spray applied throughly from root to end. Blowdry sleek and smooth with a paddle brush, wrapping lengths up and back, away from the face.

Step: Fasten the sides up using bobby pins to form a row of interlocking “x” shapes just above the round of the head, following the parietal bone. Mist with primp working spray to hold.

Step: Set the top using a crimper, curling wand, or iron to create texture. Apply holding spray to each section immediately before using thermal tools. Allow set to cool.

Step: With a round flat brush, gently break up set and backcomb lightly to create volume and support. Pin as desired and add a thin coat of primp to lock in the shape.


Special thanks to Laura Martin, senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, for sharing professional hairstyling advice with Style Noted

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