Just as I thought they’d gone by way of the scrunchie, bandana headbands, yes those paisley printed kerchiefs from middle school, have revived themselves on the beauty scene. Suddenly I’ve been noticing them in high fashion, editorial and street. And why not, unlike their plastic counterparts, this hair accessory is soft, rock n’ roll and nostalgically Americana. So even if you missed wearing yours over Fourth Of July weekend you can certainly incorporate them into your summer sartorial style, without committing a total fashion faux paux. To learn how to wear a bandana headband the fashionable way, click though to style notes. –Michelle Rotbart 

Step One: Make sure that your bandana is nice and pressed. Yes this may sound prim, but you don’t want any weird creased and wrinkles in your headwear. Next create two inch folds in your bandana until the entire square is in one long strip.

Step Two: Once you finish folding, there will be a small triangular piece at the center that you should just tuck in on the side that will lay against your head. Spray the entire strip with primp. It will make it a little stick any make sure it’s not slipping off your head.

Step Three: Fashion your hair into your desired do, a bandana will look great with loose waves or a messy updo. Finish your look with some pins and primp for hold.

Step Four: Now it’s time to tie on your bandana. Set the fabric strip on your head, a little back from the hairline and slightly away from the nape of your neck. Tie your banana with a double knot. For extra security, pin in place near your ears and and by the nape of your neck.

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