Remember the 1990s? Victoria Beckham was a Spice Girl, Donna Martin “graduates,” and Zach and Kelly were together. The latter of the Saved by the Bell duo introduced us to the hair flip –– a sexy, voluminous hairstyle that made Kelly the most sought-after girl at Bayside High.  And now, the tossed to the side style has made a return on the red carpet and the runway –– see Lanvin, DVF, and Giles Spring. Adding extra volume at the crown and leaving the rest down is simple, sexy, and assures a great hair day. This is an easy yet smart way to add some sex appeal to any outfit. Click through to style notes to learn our favorite ways to wear this flirtatious trend.

Soft & Seductive: For luscious, soft waves, apply styling whip to damp hair and blowdry. Next wrap hair with a curling wand in one-inch sections. Brush out the curls for softness. Run fingers through crown and flip.

Curly: Prep damp curls with curl enhancer and volume foam and blowdry using a diffuser. For more volume keep flipping hair as you dry. Once completely dry, simply throw your head to one side and let hair fall naturally.

Long: Use set and style spray on damp hair and blowdry. Create deep side part and spray in refinish for additional texture and volume. Your hair will actually feel thicker.

Short: Apply volume foam at the root and blowdry. Don’t go too deep with the side-part. Simply toss hair to one side and finger through hair for added volume.


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