The summer season brings the fashionable trend for carefree, even wild-looking hair. Tresses are getting messier and the accessories bolder and brighter as the season rolls on. From whimsical headbands to chunky Grecian side braids, these looks are unconventional yet easily wearable. And best of all, they’ll perfectly complement your summer wardrobe. To see the best warm-weather beauty trends, click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart 

The Messier Bun

The only rule for summer is the more untidy a style, the better is it. Add a disheveled twist to your common bun by applying volume foam to strands and teasing hair with a small paddle brush. Use fingers to comb hair back in to a loose bun, and secure with pins. Let loose strands fall out for a lived in look. This is also the perfect time to try a trending jewelry look –– chandelier earrings. Ideal for soft and romantic updos, they’ll put emphasis on your long neck and collar bone.

The Headband

Add a pretty headband, accented with florals, beads, or studs to sexy beach hair or a chic ponytail for a fresh and stylish look. They’re glamorous and bohemian at the same time, so you can pair them with a polished or easy outfit. Just be sure not to overpower your hairdo. Some of my favorite come from vintage shops or

The Voluptuous Grecian Braid 

Let your inner goddess off the mountain top and into your look. To get a voluptuous braid, apply four pumps of volume foam to damp strands and blowdry, tossing hair from side to side as it dries. Pull length in to one side and fishtail braid down from the nape of the neck. After braiding, pull the plait apart and leave out loose pieces around the face. You can also add in a pretty ornate pin or flower for a more ethereal look.

The Free Spirited Head Scarf    

If you’re too lazy to primp your gritty beach hair, let it meet a new mate. Use a scarf to accessorize your do and keep you from having to style too much. Use a long, colorful and brightly printed scarf, and place it at the top of your crow. Leave a bit of your hair line visible. Pull the scarf back and tie into a knot at the side of your head. Tuck in the ends or let them hang loose in a bow. Experiment with prints and patterns.

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