Inspired by today’s iconic hair post, where Mia Farrow shows us the beauty and grace of a short hair cut, here we find actress, Sylvia Brindis, wearing a raven-colored cropped and rounded side-part. Sylvia has sweet and warm, doll-like features, and this cut is a great way to bring out their beauty. Piece-y bangs sweep softly across her sultry brown eyes, while a few loose, longer pieces keep it feminine. A modern, easy-to-wear cut that promotes youthfulness and allure. We love the way it lifts up the cheekbones and exposes neck and shoulders.

Step: Towel-dry hair to damp and work hair creme through the shape.

Step: Side-part hair and blowdry with vent brush. Focus on a polished blowdry with silken texture. Use fingers to push hair into shape.

Step: Place a dab of cream wax on fingers and create contrast and separation in the bangs.

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