Twiggy mostly wore her hair in a smooth, simple side part, pushed behind the ears, and this platinum blonde bombshell is an inspired, modernized version of her symbolic 60s style. The long length is filled with sublime luster, while creative styling is used to show off a contemporary version of an era-defining crop.

Step: On damp, towel dried hair apply a dime size of Defrizz Serum from the mid-lengths to the ends.

Step: Part hair down the middle.

Step: Blowdry hair straight with Ceramic Round Brush. When approaching the ends, make a bending movement to create a soft cascade.

Step: Once hair is dry, take a quarter-size of Hair Gel. Apply to top of hair and slick back. Comb through for sleekness.

Step: To get the cropped twiggy look of short sleek hair, pull hair back and tie into a tight bun.

Step: Alternatively, use the length for bombshell effect. Keep the front in a center-part, slick and tuck the front sections behind the ears, and allow hair from top, back and sides  to fall dramatically forward.

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