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Do you love trying out new hairstyles? Or do you have a go to look you think you have down to a science? Either way, having a few styling tips always helps. The difference between styling tips and good styling tips can be small but can make a world of difference. Click the notes for tips you should adopt. –– Kelly Rowe

Don’t backcomb. Backbrush

The difference between backcombing and brushing is simple, one you are “teasing” with a comb and the other with a bristled brush. So what’s the difference? Backcombing is great for making knots that are difficult to get out and backbrushing will make hair fluffy without all the knots. Stick to the brush.


Looking for volume? Not everyone should go for a mousse or foam.

Just because a bottle says it is made for volume doesn’t necessarily mean its great for your hair. If your hair is prone to tangles steer clear of volume building foams and mousses. As these products dry they create stickiness and for those with tangling hair this equals knots, mess, and the inability to pull a brush through. You are probably left with the feeling you can’t get volume. Not true! Stick to dry shampoo applied to damp hair and light volume building mists like protective thickening lotion.


Stop struggling with round brushes and use Velcro rollers.

Some people are blessed with hair that blows out beautifully and with perfect Victoria’s Secret volume and waves; others, not so much. Spending all that time struggling with a round brush blow dry will do not much more than fry your strands. Instead lightly blow out with the round brush then set big sections in Velcro rollers. Let hair completely dry/cool in these and then release to get exactly what you have been looking for and give your arms and hair a break.


By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributor to Style Noted.

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