In a time of changing hair color trends, we’ve seen the rise of ombre, and more recently pastel-colors have been on everyone’s radar. Now actress Vanessa Hudgens is opting for an edgier hue, debuting dark purple tips as accent to her classic raven. Katy Perry is the queen of the whole head of Tyrian, but we love Vanessa’s more wearable look. This is a great way for brunettes to try out the colored hair trend without sacrificing their dark locks. Would you be brave enough to put on purple tips?

Step 1: The trick to successful dip-dyes is to have your colorist pre-lighten your hair to blonde. Effectively, this creates a blank canvas for the technician to add the tailored candy-coat. So, Vanessa will have pre-lightened her ends, and then…

Step 2: There are two ways to add the dip-dye. A modified highlighting technique works perfectly well, however, your colorist may also choose to hand-paint the new hue. The main benefit of this is that the color can be placed more accurately, ensuring the perfect accent.

Step 3: Remember, you are not locked into purple. Now that hair is light, you can choose any pastel-gelato shade. Think about colors in your wardrobe and makeup palette and go for a complimentary hair tone.

Step 4: Preserve shine and vibrancy with color save shampoo and conditioner. With today’s dry shampoos, you can also ‘dry clean’ hair to delay color fading. Use Refinish on non-wet-shampoo days to extend the life of color.

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