Now that the ombre trend has entered the mainstream, pushing the envelope of creative color requires a bolder imagination. Where once a soft graduation from dark to light was vanguard, now it’s everyday, so being an attention-grabber is about creating combinations that others haven’t thought of. Accenting some luscious tousled beach waves with copper to yellow gold flaxen tones, Vanessa Hudgens exemplifies the art. We love how the dynamic copper suits her creamy complexion, while the yellowing ends spotlight the visual interest of the cascading ‘C’ shaped texture. For our tips on attaining and maintaing a similar color touch, click style notes.

Step 1: Ombre effects like this should be done with artisan hair painting. Unlike foils, hair painting doesn’t leave strong lines of demarcation or regrowth, so not only will the applied colors look more natural, they can last longer, too.

Step 2: Not every hue suits every complexion, eye, color, makeup palette or wardrobe. Before committing to a particular ‘do, consult with your colorist about the best tones for you, and then tailor your colors to what will complement your features.

Step 3: Bright dip-dyes can fade fast. Sulfate and paraben free shampoos and conditioners like shine luxe shampoo and conditioner help to preserve color, while cleansing. You should also dry clean your hair a couple of times a week using refinish dry shampoo. Like dry cleaning a swanky dress, dry cleaning hair preserves its shine and sparkle.

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