With captivating eyes, wide smile, and rosy glow Victoria Justice looked like a seraph at last weekend’s Kids’ Choice Awards. It is her gorgeous hair, however, that creates the frame for her features to shine. A shoulder-length style, made featherweight with lots and lots of artful layering, it’s soft and loose and easy for everyday ‘wash and wear’ –– yet can be easily turned into a special occasion ‘do. If you feel your tresses are fine and lack oomph, layered, face-framing mid-lengths are great to add structure and volume, which will make daily styling easier. For tips on attaining and working with similar looks, click style notes.

Step: To wear Victoria’s style, ask your stylist for a shoulder-grazing shape with multiple layers around the face-frame. Keep a few longer, wispy pieces down the sides and back for femininity. With the help of a roller or an iron, you should be able to wear it tousled and wavy, or sleek and straight –– one of the best things about this cut is its versatility.

Step: For styling straight and shiny, apply a few drops of shine luxe oil and blowdry with paddle brush. After drying, use an iron to create dramatic straightness with radiance and glister.

Step: Use shine luxe oil to polish wavy styles, too. Apply a few drops and blowdry with hands; tousle and rustle hair to encourage texture. Add more drops of oil. Use a curling iron or wand to create cascading ‘C’ shaped motion, especially down the sides and within the face-frame. The texture will be extra special because of the sparkle and shine given by the precious oils of shine luxe.

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