A child star, Victoria Justice is all grown up! This is an archetypal long, heavily layered cut, hugely popular in the salon because it’s such a feminine, easy-to-wear hairstyle. Victoria has a desirable natural wave to her hair, and the lush layers and side-bangs play into this texture with bouncy soft movement that accentuates her strong cheekbones and pretty eyes. A rich dark brown with muted ribbons of highlights, the color adds luster and shine, depth and dimension.

Step: This hairstyle is bouncy and voluptuous. The best way to create this kind of shape is with a round brush blowdry. The round brush is great for lifting hair off the root, creating shapely, natural-looking movement.

Step: First, towel-dry hair to damp. Cocktail volume foam and styling whip and apply roots to ends.

Step: In manageable two or three inch wide sections, wind hair onto round brush and blowdry roots to ends.

Step: Close to dry, stop, and create a narrow side-part. Use the inside arch of eyebrow as guide.

Step: Mist mid-lengths to ends with thermal protector. Parallel to cheekbones, start winding sections onto a mid-size curling iron, hold for a few seconds; unwind. Repeat down both sides to create a tousled texture.

Step: To finish, ruffle the roots to maximize the looseness and the freedom of the cut.

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