Viva Luxury blogger, Annabelle Fleur, is a natural beauty. But even her flawless profile benefits from the accent of this elegant entwine. Swung over the shoulder, it creates the ornate asymmetry that opens up her features, creating a perfect face-frame within a casual yet polished style. Her rich mocha color, enhanced with subtle caramel highlights, is effortlessly seasonal, and makes her complexion glow.

Step:  Cocktail volume foam and styling whip and work through damp hair, roots to ends.

Step: Blast dry with dryer while tossing hair around with hands.

Step: Make a side part. Create a fishtail braid in the back and swing over the shoulder of the long side of the part.

Step: Pulse refinish dry shampoo into hair to increase, texture, volume, and the lived-in feel of the look.

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