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Kourtney Kardashian, known for her long sleek black hair, is going wavy on us. The reality star is hopping on the second day wave trend.

With effortless beach waves now at the forefront of hair trends, lived in texture is everyone’s goal, which is what the American Wave Hair Care line caters to.

Here’s how to get the second day tousled beach waves & shine look:

  1. Use Rogue Co-Cleanse for hair between squeaky clean & 2nd day.
  2. Add a nickel-size of Hypnotic Curl Calmer liberally to damp hair.
  3. Use a wide tooth-comb to comb through for even distribution.
  4. Air dry, tousle & scrunch for a natural texture, or use a diffuser if you want more expansion.
  5. Liberally spritz in Glint Texture and Shine Spray, using fingers to tousle hair & encourage texture, fashioning tousled waves with summery, sun-kissed shine.

We can all get Kourt K inspired waves with a little help from our hair products.


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